The Little Reserve School That Could: Monocacy Elementary Will Remain Open!

See local coverage of the triumph of  a small Ag Reserve community over bureaucracy:  The Board of Education turns down Dr. Weast’s recommendation to close Monocacy Elementary School in Barnesville near Sugarloaf Mountain.

Global Mission Mega Church in the News

See links for news coverage both local and national in nature featuring the Global Mission Project:

November 12th, 7pm- Monocacy Closure Meeting!

See below for important notice regarding Board of Education meeting tonight! 

Keeping Monocacy Elementary School Open:  Why does this matter?

Whether your children attend or attended Monocacy Elementary School or not – it matters.
Whether you live in Barnesville or Poolesville or elsewhere in Montgomery County- it matters.
Because the loss of Monocacy signals possible future dangers for our other schools-it matters.
Because we all believe in the continued preservation and vitality of the Agricultural Reserve – it matters.

Don’t let Montgomery County, under the flawed and false reasoning of paltry monetary savings, turn it’s back on it’s decades of promises to the Agricultural Reserve and its communities!  We have been told, repeatedly, that our schools would not be held to enrollment requirements downcounty.  Moreover, currently Monocacy is at 85% enrollment. This figure represents, by Montgomery’s own stated guidelines, compliance with the 80-100% range for enrollment.

Come and be counted - speak out against a proposal to close a school that was built to be small to serve our, by design, small communities!  Ensure proper study and open process.  Inform Board of Education members about our community and its purpose.  Give voice to our open space Farmland!

News (from the Keep Monocacy Open site) - see the site for where to write!


COME RIDE THE BUS! These are scary times, and scary times call for who better than Calleva (a provider of many outdoor programs, camp programs and of course Markoff’s Haunted Forest) to lead us down the path to Carver, by offering up their bus to encourage community support and transport residents to testimony on Thursday. Thanks Calleva for supporting our efforts and providing bus transportation. The bus will leave from Selby’s parking lot Thursday November 12th at 6PM (park on other side of grassy knoll – away from Selby’s parking area so as to not reduce customer store parking) . Please RSVP to Lynne Rolls so we can ensure enough seats on the bus! To email Lynne:

Preserve Your Farmland & Openspace Now!


Preserve the Land that Sustains Us!
Preserve the Land that Sustains Us!


There is no better time than now
to pursue preservation of your land
through a variety of programs:


In Montgomery County, landowners can choose from seven separate agricultural land preservation programs. Each of these programs place an easement on the property which prevents future commercial, residential or industrial development of the land. The programs available are:


-Montgomery County Agricultural Easement Program (AEP)
- Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF)
- Maryland Environmental Trust (MET)
- Montgomery County Transfer of Development Rights Program (TDR) 
- Montgomery County Rural Legacy Program (RLP)
- Legacy Open Space Program (LOS)
- Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program


Enjoy the economic advantages of these programs. Your family can continue to farm the land and take pride  in knowing that your action today ensures that the land that sustains us will still be there tomorrow!


For more information:  Click here







The “Hubris” of Global Mission Church

See this powerful letter to the editor in this week’s Gazette! 

Despite all efforts to inform and assist Global Mission regarding land use restrictions, master plans that aim to protect both Montgomery and Frederick farmland and critical natural resources – and provide opportunity to seek another site to establish their mega facility…

Global Mission is pressing on with an appeal to the Frederick Co. Board of Zoning Appeals.


New Site for Info on Keeping Monocacy Open!

Please see this site for more on how to Keep Monocacy Elementary School open and serving the Ag Reserve community!

Click Here.