The Charge: “Legislators Giving the Environment the Shaft”

Maryland Blog reveals environmentalists claims that special interests (big business) has been resulting in unprecedented assaults on the environment.

MC Parkland May Host Small Farm Incubator

Gazette Coverage of timely proposal for small farm incubator in Montgomery County.  This presents a real opportunity to grow the next generation of table crop producers at a time when the public is clammoring for locally produced foods!See Story.

Green the Grounds and Lawn Reform

There are some helpful and entertaining sustainable websites out there, the ones listed here have one thing in common: contributions from Susan Harris, a Garden Writer in the Metropolitan Area.

Garden Rant is hailed as  witty and informative garden writing that is missing elsewhere on the web. Perfect for more urban gardeners looking to get started or get new ideas.  As the tagline suggests, Susan along with her contributors are “uprooting the gardening world” with topics like “Shut up and Dig”.

The Lawn Reform Coalition makes the plea for lawns with regional  grass species, environmentaly sensitive lawn care, and replacing lawns altogether with gardens and edibles.  Lawns hog water, and the pesticides and fertilizers it takes to keep traditional lawns green harm local streams and the Bay. 

Green the Grounds advocates for good landscaping pratices on the most prominent backyards, those of state and federal executives. Michelle Obama’s garden is a great start but along the lines of Law Reform, first families can do more to be examples of sustainable gardening and landscaping.

Kojo Nnamdi of WAMU talks with Ag Reserve Architect Royce Hanson

Royce Hanson is the current chair of the Montgomery County Planning Commission and the architect of the Ag Reserve, now celebrating its 30th year. Dr. Hanson is leaving his post in June 2010 after a long career of implementing smart growth principles to the benefit of all county residents. Click here for an interview with Kojo Nnamdi of WAMU (broadcast 4/12/2010).

To learn more Royce Hanson and MCA’s Royce Hanson Award, click here.

Protect our Streams and the Bay!


Take Action by April 5th to Protect Our Streams!
Protect the Reserve’s Only Source of Drinking Water!
Don’t Let Developer Pressure Weaken the Law! 

 Future development in the Reserve, in all of Maryland, should adhere to the strongest possible stormwater management laws in order to protect our streams and the Bay. Reserve streams host fragile species such as the Brown Trout, recently seen spawning in Ten Mile Creek. Reserve residents’ only source of drinking water is supplied by the Piedmont Sole Source Aquifer, a fragile resource subject to surface contamination.  Yet our water is in jeopardy…developer pressure in Annapolis is leading to a roll back of law that would provide for strong protection of our water resources.

Contact the legislators listed below and tell them that stream health matters and insist that Maryland needs the 2007 Stormwater Management Act – Not a diluted, developer driven substitute!

Full Alert Below:

Three Maryland legislators from Montgomery County – Delegates Brian Feldman and William Bronrott, plus Senator Jennie Forehand — sit on a key joint committee in the General Assembly that will meet next Tuesday, April 6, on a crucial issue affecting the health of our streams and the Chesapeake Bay.
The committee will consider the rollback of the Stormwater Management Act of 2007 (see: , for details). These “emergency regulations” were jammed down the throat of the Maryland Department of the Environment last month, and seriously weaken the much-needed 2007 Act. Tuesday’s hearing will probably lead to approval of the bad regulations but we need to make a credible showing against them.
Please call or write a few lines to these three legislators, especially if they are your representatives, and ask them to vote “No” on the emergency stormwater regulations Tuesday.  It is time for Maryland to take a stand for its water resources in real action and not lip service!
Please copy:
Also, we are trying to get as many people as possible to attend the hearing, set for 4pm in Annapolis on Tuesday. Please contact Steve Dryden at: 301-656-0049  if you’d like to go and need a ride, or if you just need directions.
This could be the best way to mark Earth Day’s 40th anniversary this month.
 Please act today !
Thank you for your action!