Reserve Farmers: Know Your Farmer, Know Your Eggs are Safe (VIDEO)

Ag Reserve Farmers Shannon Varley from Bella Terra Family Farm and Lee Langstaff from Shepherd’s Hey were on Channel 9 news last night discussing how smaller scale egg production makes for safer eggs. In the face of massive egg recalls from large scale egg processing plants, there has never been a better time to shop locally and know where your food comes from. Eating a more local, sustainable and likely safer egg is as easy as visiting your local farmers market or co-op. Visit our local food page to learn more. Or, check the list of  Montgomery County and Frederick County Farmers Markets.

Manna Food Drive at the Moco Fair!

Headed to the fair?  You can help our local food bank while you are there. Please see the poster below.

Weigh in on County Issues: The Conservation Montgomery Survey

Conservation Montgomery is a new civic organization dedicated to quality of life issues in the County. In line with the organization’s focus on responsive government, they will be sharing the results of the following survey with county officials. Read on to take the survey and learn more about Conservation Montgomery.


We are inviting you to participate in a countywide survey of residents.  We hope that this survey will be informative and will help Montgomery County agencies and elected officials understand how residents view the connection between protection of natural resources and our overall quality of life and health.

The survey should take no longer than about 20 minutes to complete, depending on your desire to comment on some of the questions and issues presented.  A summary of this survey will be published at before mid-September.  However, no names will be published in association with comments. We do reserve the right to edit out profanity or text that is inappropriate for Web publication.   Thank you in advance for participating in this project. 


Conservation Montgomery Email:

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