Got Gourds! Reserve Farms Do!

It’s that lovely time of year! Take a few minutes to read the history of Jack-o-Lantern carving, find a pumpkin of your own, and make a masterpiece! See below for a list of farms that provide Fall goodies…

photo courtesy Hilary Schwab

photo courtesy Hilary Schwab

Check out these local farms with pumpkins and fun aplenty:

Kingbury’s Orchard
Good Life Farm

Comus Market
Lewis Orchard
Homestead Farm
Butler’s Orchard
Rockhill Orchard
Phillip’s Farm

MCA Hedgerow Photo Contest Winners Announced!

To many motorists, the hedgerows along the Reserve’s Rustic Roads are often just a blur of green, many speed by without knowing the beauty or importance of these roadside thickets. Roadside trees provide important habitat to diverse life including the pollinating insects that are so important to farmers. The trees prevent erosion, and offer windbreaks that were particularly important in keeping blowing snow off the road this past winter.  Here now are the winners of our Hedgerow Picture Contest, each winner will have their picture featured on our website and receive Tina Brown’s beautiful Ag Reserve Map. Thanks to all our contestants for taking the time to show us the beauty of our roadsides! More info on Rustic Roads.

Kathy Anderson, 1st Place

Meg Menke, 2nd Place

Kathy Anderson, 3rd Place

Montgomery Life Magazine Features Reserve!

The July/August edition of Montgomery Life Magazine featured the Ag Reserve in an article titled “The Road Less Traveled.” Click here for the pdf.