Remembering Minny Pohlmann, Sugarloaf Champion

Who can be blamed for the unspoiled vistas from Sugarloaf Mountain? “It’s all Minny’s fault!” is the title of a chapter in Tom Horton’s Bay Country all about Minny Pohlmann, who was  blamed by developers for much of the permanent conservation (through conservation easements) at the foot of the Mountain, as well as the designation of the Monocacy Natural Resources Reserve along the Monocacy River and fighting off a dam on the Monocacy that would have left 3,000 acres of farmland underwater.

In 1995, Mrs. Pohlmann described herself as a “little old lady in tennis shoes” while introducing President Bill Clinton before an address at Rock Creek Park during which he promised to veto a Republican revision of the Clean Water Act. “This country,” Clinton declared when he took the microphone, “would be better off if we had a few more little old ladies in tennis shoes, don’t you think?”

We heartily agree. In 2007, MCA honored Minny with the Royce Hanson Award for stewardship of the Ag Reserve.

Minny Pohlmann died in Frederick on June 8 at the age of 96. Washington Post Coverage

MCA’s Presentation to the Zoning Advisory Panel

Diana Conway, MCA Board President and Caroline Taylor, MCA Executive Director presented a virtual tour of the Ag Reserve on to the June Meeting of the Zoning Advisory Panel- a group of Moco residents tasked with making recommendations throughout the re-zoning process. Many Thanks to Dolores Milmoe of Audubon Naturalist Society for creating some of the slides.

To see the presentation click here

“Corner Plot”: Farming in Silver Spring (video)

Charlie Koiner has been farming in what is now downtown Silver Spring for most of his 90 years. His lettuce is great (to be found at FreshFarm farmers markets downcounty) but his story is even better- now told in the documentary “Corner Plot.”

See the Washington Post article about him here.

Respect – the verb…your stories

They are out there – wonderful stories of respect and honor.  We shared one of a child’s respect for life in saving frogs from roadside disaster.  Dolores Milmoe of Audubon Society shared her discovery from a visit to Portland, Oregon:  where public transit offers seating for “honored citizens” as opposed to seniors.

So, send us your respects to and we’ll pass them on.

respect verb ( HONOR )


to treat something or someone with kindness and care

to respect someone’s feelings
We should respect the environment and not pollute it.

to accept the importance of someone’s rights or customs and to do nothing that would harm them or cause them offence

The agreement will respect the rights of both nations.
I would appreciate it if you would respect my privacy.

to accept that something which is established or formally agreed is right or important and not to attempt to change it or harm it

The president pledged to respect the existing frontiers between the two countries.

to think that it is important to obey a law or rule

I was always taught to respect the law.
respect sb’s wishes

to do what someone has asked to have done

His children respected his last wishes and held a simple funeral for him.

Land Link Launched!

MCA is proud to announce Land Link- a program to help farmers and farmland find each other- an initiative that  came out of our February producers summit. Our new Land Link page can be found under the “community resources” tab above or click here.

Full press release: Land Link press release july 2011

Thanks for funding Growing Legacy!

We will keep you updated on our progress by email. If you want to contact us about the movie- drop us a line at

Poole’s Store Update: MHAA Grant for Restoration!

August Update:  Our friends at Heritage Montgomery relay the following great news:

FY 2011 MHAA Grants Awarded

The Heritage Tourism Alliance of Montgomery County (Heritage Montgomery) is pleased to announce the local recipients of FY 2012 Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA) Grants totaling $163,000:

* $47,000 Capital Grant to the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission for the restoration of the Poole (Seneca) Store in Poolesville
* $9,000 Non-Capital Project Grant to the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission for Oakley Cabin Archeological Analysis & Interpretation in Olney
* $7,000 Non-Capital Project Grant to Heritage Montgomery for Heritage Days and Civil War Programs
* $100,000 Management Grant to Heritage Montgomery


Moreover,  business has been going well for the Days and the community is hopeful that they will continue their operation at the Poole’s Store location.

June Update: Calvin and Mickey Day continue to do a brisk business at the Poole’s Store location on River Road. They are talking with the County about extending their lease. There are still veggie seedlings and beautiful bedding plants available along with feed and seed- come on down!

April Update: If you were wondering where to get your vegetable starters, annuals and perennials…don’t!  Like the joyous springs of the past, they are still available at the Poole’s store location.  Yes, they have hanging baskets and pelleted lime and more.  So get in yer buggy, grab the kids and head on over before all those cool pansies and fine tomato plants are gone!

History for lease…House in Seneca for rent while Pooles’ Store is being renovated. Update:  House has been leased – great news for the homestead.

16401 Old River Road, Poolesville, Maryland 20837

Spacious Living in a Country Setting! This large historic home has two-levels, four bedrooms, and two-bathrooms and is available for April 1, 2011 occupancy. Features include a covered porch. Its location is convenient to Rockville, Seneca Creek State Park, and the C&O Canal National Historic Park. The monthly rent for this home is $1,797 plus utilities, for M-NCPPC employees, and $1,932 plus utilities, for non-employees.

Applications for this house will be on a first-come, first served basis.

Rent may be subject to increases from time to time as permitted by law. Applications must include federal and state tax forms from Y2009 and Y2010, and a Thirty dollar ($30.00) non-refundable credit check fee.

Tenant selection criteria:

M-NCPPC employees, Montgomery County government employees with emphasis on Fire and Rescue, Police, Montgomery County Public Schools, and general public.

Completed applications:

Completed applications must be submitted to Legum & Norman Realty, Inc., 703-653-3378. Selected resident will be required to submit a security deposit equal to one month’s rent and supply the management office with proof of liability insurance listing “M-NCPPC,” as additional insured prior to move-in.

Carrye E. Massey, Park Property Manager
Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission
Montgomery County Department of Parks

Hillandale Park Office Building
10611 New Hampshire Avenue

Silver Spring, MD  20903
Phone: 301-495-2517

Fax:      301-434-6169