Poolesville Master Plan – MCA Submits Comments

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The process is not over and there will be further opportunity for public input.

Poolesville’s Draft Master Plan offers some advancements and some potential for concern.

This plan anticipates adding approximately 1700 new residents.  Will the shared Piedmont groundwater aquifer be able to sustain new water consumers and withstand more impermeable surface and runoff? Does this build out comply with repeatedly stated wishes of Town residents to stay a small, rural community? The plan affects both the Town and the surrounding rural communities as it brings potential for traffic and resource depletion and degradation.   The public hearing is scheduled for September 14 7:30pm at Poolesville Town Hall.

Comments may be sent to:  Email townhall@lan2wan.com

Copy us please at:  info@mocoalliance.org

Mapping Reveals Big Changes in MD Land Cover!

land use map

BALTIMORE, MD (Thursday, August 18, 2011) – Between 2002 and 2010, developed lands in Maryland increased by 8.4 percent, or 128,650 acres. That was- twice the rate of population, which increased 4.8 percent, or 259,600 persons, according to analysis in the State’s new Land Use/Land Cover map.

Not sounding much like smart growth.  This really makes it all the more clear that we must press forward with the preservation of the Ag Reserve here in Montgomery.  Don’t be fooled that development is tied to population growth in all cases.

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Farmers tell cows “Make your own hay!”

“Nature believes in this approach and I believe in this approach.”  Andy McIntire, Owner operator McIntire Cattle Company

New pasture management techniques were discussed on a stinkin’ hot day in Virginia.  Tip of the rake to Virginia Conservation Network for organizing the event!

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Summer Producers Summit

Back in February, MCA convened a producers summit, drawing local farmers and community leaders together to discuss the challenges to farming in our region and brainstorm solutions.

While a number of great initiatives came from the meeting, (notably Land Link and the Producers Listserve), the conversation is far from over and the work toward a vibrant Reserve goes on.  MCA will be hosting a follow up summit this month.

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