Join Bethesda Green and Nikki Rose for Brunch at Yamas Mediterranean Grill

Join Bethesda Green for an intriguing glimpse into Crete’s culinary heritage, the root of Mediterranean cuisine. Presentation by Chef-Author Nikki Rose at Bethesda Green, followed by a fantastic brunch featuring dishes celebrating the flavors of Crete at Yamas Mediterranean Grill. Rose has notably received awards from the National Geographic and UN for her expansion of sustainable travel & culinary tourism. Some of the food for the event will be sourced from local farms!

When: Sunday, December 11th, 2011 from 12:30 – 3:30pm

Presentation by Chef-Author Nikki Rose Bethesda Green

4825 Cordell Ave. Suite 200
Bethesda, MD 20814
Admission is free
12:30 – 1:30pm

immediately following the lecture and around the corner:

Celebrating the Flavors of Crete Brunch at Yamas Mediterranean Restaurant

4806 Rugby Ave.
Bethesda, MD 20814
$30 (includes a complimentary glass of wine)
1:30 – 3:30 pm

SEE HERE for reservations and more information. Don’t forget this great event… space is LIMITED

Our “So You Want To…” Series is Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for our new “So You Want to…” series!

At the last Producer’s Summit many of the Ag. Reserve’s producers expressed difficulty with finding answers to their farming questions, while abiding by County and State guidelines. We know farmers have plenty to do with their time other than research, so we’re hoping a “how to” section with basic topics and useful links will meet that need so our farmers can do what they love! Here are some examples:

  • How to build a hoop house…
  • What are the requirements for starting a commercial kitchen in Maryland…
  • How to procure land from the state or county for farming…
  • What are the on-farm meat processing guidelines…
  • How can I best store and irrigate water…
  • How to get information on the best farming practices…

CSAs: Why they are good for both consumers and farmers!

Winter’s just about here.  Long cold days and early nights give us time to reflect on many things,  including our relationship with our food and where it comes from.  Before the 2012 growing season starts, learn more about community supported agriculture and how it may just make our communities more healthy, economically secure and preserve the Ag Reserve to boot.

Make friends with a Reserve farmer.  It’s a relationship that could last a long lifetime!

NY Times: Obstacles Facing New Farmers

You know it is so when you see it in the Times.  MCA is working to assist new and expanding producers here in Montgomery County through Land and Labor Links and with our partners to build a strong, collaborative farming community.  By the way, if you eat locally produced food – you are engaged in local agriculture.

The Article here.

MCA Online Petition for Nick’s Organic: 20,000+ has really provided the tool for change:  their online petition.  Earlier this year, MCA  set up a petition for those supporting Nick’s Organic Farm to sign and weigh in on whether the County should take over the farm for a private soccer facility – and without transparent public process.  The petition has now garnered over 20,000 signatures!

press release November 2011

Sign the petition!

Satellite Image: The Reserve’s Success Story

If you ask yourself whether the creation of the Ag Reserve 30 years ago really made a difference, you need look no further than the satellite view of  Montgomery County, MD and Loudon County, VA.  The mighty Potomac bisects this image and provides natural divide to one area preserved in forest, field and historic rural villages and the other now dense with pavement, rooftop right to the river’s edge and distant from growth centers with public transit. The one strip of green at River’s edge in Virginia?  It is Donald Trump’s golf course which removed over 1 mile of tree line at the Potomac’s edge.

One jurisdiction looked for solutions to regional food, natural resource protection, infrastructure costs and recreational needs – the other-  prudent planning not in evidence with sprawling subdivisions and commercial properties inaccessible by transit.

Take a moment to tour the MCA web site to learn more about the Reserve, its farms and our collective work to ensure their perpetual preservation!

Sweetgreen, Restaurant Chain Dedicated to Local Sourcing

Check out this Washington Post article about a popular and growing restaurant chain that works hard to source locally.  Take head Reserve farmers!

PlanMaryland: Easy Sell for Taxpayers says Baltimore Sun

The high cost of sprawl development can not be ignored as Maryland and the region plan for anticipated population  growth.  Is a PlanMaryland a power grab or prudent planning? Tax payers know the difference and, frankly, aren’t going to stand still and foot the bill for future development that is poorly planned and hugely expensive.

Friends of Frederick County’s Janice Wiles good piece here.

Save Rural Maryland – don’t pave it.