Maryland the First State to Ban Arsenic in Chicken Feed

A victory for Maryland, and for Chickens

As the 2012 General Assembly session ended this week- we are pleased to announce that one very important bill made it through at the last minute.

Maryland joins the EU and Canada in banning arsenic additives in chicken feed- used to make bigger, pinker birds. Arsenic exposure has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Use of the additive has already been discontinued by the Purdue chicken comany and McDonalds.

The additive is currently banned at the federal level while the FDA investigates its effect (really?). Pfizer, the maker of the compound, has suspended production but farmers with stockpiled supplies have continued to use it. As a result of the bill’s passage, no matter what the FDA finds, Maryland chicken will be arsenic free from now on.

Three cheers to the Food and Water Watch that lead this campaign and the state representatives that passed this bill!

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