For Meat Producers: Traceability Survey

Calling all Meat Producers- MCA partner Full Plate Ventures is embarking on a project to increase meat tracebility and needs your help- read on and See the whole background here:

Introducing “Source Verified” Technology for Small and Mid-sized Producers and Buyers

Consumers increasingly want to know where their food comes from and how it was raised—whether procuring orders for schools, shopping at a retail giant or buying at a local farmers market. The Maryland Small Farm Cooperative wants to adopt and share technologies that verify the source of locally-grown food by farm location and farming practice description.

As a small or mid-sized meat producer, we need your help. Please CLICK HERE to complete this short, online survey that seeks to understand your interest in adopting new, more affordable bar coding and Quick Read (QR) technologies for your farm. These tools allow producers to label and consumers to buy “source verified” products. Please complete the survey by MAY 7th.

How Source Verified Technology Helps Farmers

For Small and Mid-sized Farmers

  • Strengthens your Maryland farm products for  marketing and sales
  • Builds consumer trust as they get to “Know Your Farmer”
  • Improves voluntary traceability and rules out your products in case of a food-borne illness investigation
  • Enter wholesale markets that require barcoding for inventory and resale in a cost effective.
  • Differentiate your products by telling your unique story to buyers, offer free purchasing tools and information about your farm.

Full Plate Ventures has been awarded a TEDCO grant to conduct market research this summer for the Maryland Small Farm Cooperative geared specifically for small to mid-size farms and buyer markets in Maryland. Please CLICK HERE to take a short, online survey (10 minutes) by June 7th.  A description of the technologies and the survey follows.

Thank you for your help! If you complete the survey and provide contact information, we will send you a summary of the findings. You can follow this project on