Montgomery County 4-H- teaching the next generation of farmers

4-H is a longstanding program that gets young people interested in the wonders of agriculture. It’s a fun, accessible, and educational development program aimed at helping youth reach their fullest potential. Each “H” in 4-H represents an area in which to develop: head, heart, hands, health.

The 4-H program gives kids the opportunity to be a part of a variety of clubs each focused on different topics ranging from technology to fashion to poultry!

4-H first came about in the early 1900s. It was designed to educate young people of new agricultural techniques and technology. In the late 1800’s, researchers found that adults did not readily accept new agricultural advancements. However, they found that young people were more likely to experiment with new ideas and share them with their elders. As a result, agricultural youth clubs were started in rural areas. They later became known as 4-H clubs.

The 4-H in Montgomery County offers a slew of different clubs focused on animals, farming, and related topics. Typical activities include real-life, hands-on projects that give kids a better understanding of how to care for animals and livestock.

A few examples of the different clubs offered are:

- The Beef Club

- The Horse N Around Club

- The Jersey Club

- The Rabbit Club

- The Sheep and Swine Club

Becoming a part of 4-H is easy. All you need to do is complete a simple online application on the Montgomery County 4-H website.