Slow Food DC Tours the Reserve

“The Reserve is a hidden gem; I never imagined that so close to our nation’s capitol there is such harmony between man and nature.”- Rose (tour participant)

MCA was pleased to spend a day taking members of Slow Food DC on a tour highlighting some great spots in the Reserve. Slow Food is and international organization focused on supporting “good,clean,fair food.”  We were thrilled to show them all the great local food and rural culture in their own backyard.

We got our history lesson at Seneca School House and St Paul Community Church and sampled local food at Rocklands Farm, Homestead Farm and Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard. We saw animals, both wild (herons at McKee Beshers) and domesticated (the happiest pigs in the world at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary).

There is lots to see in the Reserve- to take your own tour we recommend our Ag Guide, soon to be revised and turned into a mobile app!