Breaking: Gov O’Malley- Brickyard Farm into Soccer Fields “a big mistake”

Breaking News from Potomac- 8/14/2012

In our State, where [we] believe in growing jobs and growing opportunity; where we believe in children growing healthy, growing educated, and growing strong; where we believe in sustainably growing food for a hungry world; where we believe in growing in our mindfulness, our awareness, and our understanding of the balance we must rediscover and reconcile with the other living systems of this one Earth we choose to share with future generations; we need more assets like Mr. Maravell’s farm, rather than fewer. -Gov. O’Malley

After visiting Nick’s Organic Farm on Brickyard Rd, the farm that the County is seeking to turn into soccer fields, Governor O’Malley  closed a letter to County Exec Ike Legget and President of the MoCo BOE Shirley Brandaman with the quote above. See the full letter here.

It should also be noted that world famous author, agrarian and MCA inspiration Wendell Berry also wrote a letter of support.

See the Press Release from Nick’s Organic Farm here.

More on this as we gather details.

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