Board & Advisory Committee

Royce Hanson Award 2007

The Montgomery Countryside Alliance was formed by a small group of passionate and dedicated Montgomery County residents who wanted to protect our nationally recognized model of conservation, the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve. Originally formed to oppose a bridge crossing that would destroy the protected area, the group has since expanded to represent the Reserve’s interest more extensively, including protection from additional development threats and increasing support and awareness of its local Ag communities.  MCA’s Board and Advisory Committee consist of community members from all over the county whose enthusiasm and commitment to preserving and protecting our county’s rural areas  is unwavering.

2015  MCA Board Members

Michael Rubin, Chairman
Chevy Chase, MDWelcome to the Agricultural Reserve Signs

L. Oakley Johnson, President
Darnestown, MD

Jean Findlay, Vice-President & Treasurer
Dickerson, MD

Diana Conway, Immediate Past President
Potomac, MD

Tom Leedy, Secretary
Clarksburg, MD

George Abramowitz
North Potomac, MD

Sharon Bauer
Barnesville, MD

Tina Brown
Barnesville, MD

Denise Cohen Jean Findlay
Silver Spring, MD

Skip Crawford
Boyds, MD

Leslie Cronin
Olney, MD

Scott Fosler
Chevy Chase, MD

Greg Glenn, Jr.
Poolesville, MD

Tom Gutierrez
Poolesville, MD

Gene Kingsbury
Dickerson, MD

David Langstaff
Comus, MD

MCA info Tent

Dolores Milmoe
Poolesville, MD

Cindy McGrath
Washington, DC

Jim O’Connell
Barnesville, MD

Gwen Reese
Gaithersburg, MD

William Sheehan
Barnesville, MD

Advisory Committee

Dr. Royce Hanson, Chair

Tony Cohen

Peg Coleman

Woody Woodroof

Doug Tregoning

Board Member Steve Dryden, Author

Austin Kiplinger

Lauren Pollin

Ed Brown

Liz Buxton

Rabbi David Shneyer

Lisa Patterson

Melanie Choukas-Bradley

Stewart Schwartz

Lee Langstaff

Larry Harris

Chet Anderson

Tom Hartsock

David Tobin

Toni Koerber

Carlos Solis

Dick Stoner

Jim Brown

Steve Dryden

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.   -Margaret Mead