A Place with Purpose…


Value is added to every home and household in the area when we know
future generations can see Sugarloaf rise from fields instead of roofs; bike a country road on the weekend without having to drive to West Virginia; and learn that it is both possible and practical to grow smart.” - Dr. Royce Hanson

What makes this vibrant place possible so close to the Nation’s capital?  Montgomery County’s nationally recognized Agricultural/Open Space Reserve, over 90,000 acres, is the result of forward thinking planners efforts that, in 1981, established a zone whose purpose was, and remains, to preserve large contiguous areas of land for farming and open space.  Development, they reasoned, should be focused along major roads and public transit stops.  It is the mission of Montgomery Countryside Alliance to preserve and promote this region of spectacular beauty and uncommon resources.  We hope you will explore this web site…and the Reserve itself!