Farm Facts

Did you know that Montgomery County is the number one pumpkin-growing county in the state and the number two berry-grower? The county also ranks second in the state in its number of horticultural enterprises. Here are some more farm facts compiled in the 2012 Ag Census:

Montgomery County Farms

Total Land in Montgomery County: 316, 800 acres
Total Land in Farms: 63,493 acres
Total Number of Farms: 540

Check out more stats in the Montgomery County Ag Census (and compare to 2007 stats)

According to the Agricultural Services Division
“Agricultural activities occupy about one-third of Montgomery County’s land area. Over half of the 93,000-acre agricultural reserve is preserved through transfer of development rights or easement purchase initiatives. The County’s diverse agricultural industry—577 farms and 350 horticultural enterprises—produce millions of dollars in economic contribution from farm products and operations. The majority of Montgomery County farms are family-run operations, many reaching back several generations, which employ more than 10, 000 residents.” Fifty percent of the County’s farmers work full time in farming.

“Montgomery County’s agricultural reserve is an important environmental resource for future farm enterprises. A strong agricultural heritage provides a diverse business community and a strong economic base. Combining these strengths with the commitment for farmland preservation makes Montgomery County an attractive place to live and work.”

Washington, DC Area Farm Statistics from National Capital Farms