“Growing Legacy” or Ag Reserve- the Movie: Seeking Sponsorships

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Update: We have a campaign to gather needed funds for post production of “Growing Legacy” on IndieGoGo right now – support the film and get great perks!

We have talked with various folks from farmers, to government types, to consumers and visionaries in order to paint a picture of this special and important place. With 40-some hours of footage covering all 4 seasons and interviews with Reserve stakeholders- now begins post- production.  The movie will be a powerful educational tool- seen in schools, film festivals and of course online.

We are happy to have the support of Heritage Montgomery and will be showing the finished product at Heritage Days, June 2014.

Very special thanks to Lauren Pollin and her family foundation for funding for this multi-year project!

What Has MCA Done for Me Lately?

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photo by Lee Langstaff

As we were putting together our ambitious 2014 work plan, we got thinking about all of the things we have achieved together with our supporters in the last few years. There is much left to do and we could use your help.

What has MCA done for me lately? Well…..

Our Shared Environmental Resources

Set Ten Mile Creek (backup water supply for 4.3 million) on the path to protection … but there is more to do

Supported Successful Urban Tree Legislation

Rebuffed Efforts to  Increase Previous Surface  Allowed in County Development

Supporting a Strong Ag Sector

Connecting New and Expanding Farmers with Land

Strengthening the Producer Community with a  Listserve and Summits

Successfully Pushing for a New Farm Pilot Program

Proud Lead Organization of the Farming at Metro’s Edge Conference


Producing “Growing Legacy”  film about the Reserve for students and the public

Creating an Ag Reserve Candidate Questionnaire/Voter Resource

Creating an Ag Education Pilot – 80 students reached so far

Helping to Found the MoCo Food Council

Keeping Monocacy Elementary Open


No Commercial Recreation or Camps in the Ag Reserve

No Sewer Extension for Mega Churches

Battling Back Plans for Massive Cell Towers

And the list goes on and on… help us add more victories to this list- join MCA – a yearly membership is just $25

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Thanks for funding Growing Legacy!

We will keep you updated on our progress by email. If you want to contact us about the movie- drop us a line at info@mocoalliance.org

A new movie about Bee Colony Collapse (Video)

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What keeps the wheels of agriculture buzzing? The answer is  bees. Scientists have been documenting huge die-offs in bee population, thought to be the result of an over-reliance on chemical pesticides. The critically acclaimed new movie, “Queen of the Sun” is a meditation on  this Colony Collapse, and  efforts to help bees bounce back.  MCA is hoping to host a screening of this movie, in the mean time, here is the trailer. Have thoughts on the trailer, join the conversation on our facebook page.

A farm in Silver Spring (really!) makes SilverDocs

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When Carlie Koiner was growing up, MoCo was all farms. Charlie is now 83 and the 1 acre plot he farms behind his house in downtown Silver Spring is the only MoCo  farm below the beltway. This tenacious farmer has caught the attention of local documentary film makers and his story ‘Corner Plot’ will be featured next week at SilverDocs, the documentary film fest hosted by the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring.  See the Gazette article for info on all  three showtimes.  We highly recommend the trailer.