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It Tastes Good!

We all know how delicious freshly picked produce tastes, whether from your own garden or the farmer’s up the road. But eating locally grown food offers more than just an extra burst of flavor at your dinner table.

On average, food purchased in conventional grocery stores travels nearly 1500 miles before reaching your kitchen.  Opting for locally grown products, typically grown within 100 miles or less, requires significantly less fuel for transit.  The food is also less dependent on chemicals and preservatives to keep it “fresh” and is usually picked once ripe, making it fresher, more flavorful, and richer in color, and of course, healthier.  Purchasing from local growers also supports sustainable local economies and builds a healthy connection between farm and consumer.  Less money is spent on transport, preservatives, advertising and packaging of the products, and less waste is created as products move more directly from farm to table.


There are many ways to increase the amount of locally grown food in your diet.  See the pages under our ‘Support Local’ tab for local food sources serving the greater Montgomery County area.  The column to the right also includes several guides for finding local food.