Local Food Connections

Supporting local is good for the environment, the community, your health, and to create a lasting commitment to preserving agricultural land.  MCA is working hard to gather information about local producers and growers in Montgomery County and connect them all via our website.  Please email us at info@mocoalliance.org if you have info you think we should add to out  lists.

Community Food Rescue – Community Food Rescue (CFR) is the coordinated food recovery network for Montgomery County, Maryland. This system enhances the good work of businesses, individuals, and organizations that already recover and redistribute perfectly good food to people experiencing hunger. MCA is proud to partner with CFR to feed more and waste less.


On-line & Interactive!
Montgomery County
Agricultural Reserve
Resource Guide


Montgomery County
Office of Agriculture Publications

Montgomery Victory Gardens
Montgomery Victory Gardens is an  organization devoted to creating a more vigorous, self-reliant and sustainable local food shed here in Montgomery County. They provide information and events about local food and gardening.

Maryland’s Best
Maryland’s Best is your source to find the
best local products from Maryland farmers.
From produce, seafood, and specialty foods
to grains, nursery items, and ag-recreational
activities. Find everything you need and more!

So Maryland So Good
So. Maryland, So Good is a campaign designed to help consumers identify truly Southern Maryland products and buy accordingly. By building a direct link between buyers and growers of the five Southern Maryland counties, and promoting the advantages of buying local, we hope to help keep farming vibrant and vital in Southern Maryland

Buy Local Challenge
Take the Buy Local Challenge by pledging to eat one thing from a local farm each day during buy local week (the last week of July each year. Buying local food helps keep food dollars in our community, protects farmland from development and local food is just plain tasty, the freshest food around!

american-farmland-trust2American Farmland Trust, Maryland Office
A national farmland preservation organization focusing on farm policy with offices in each state.