Directory of Local Services

Helpful resources for various area needs:

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How to Make Noise and Make a Difference – The Environmentalist’s Tool Box

General information on MoCo rural areas, Planning Department

Abandoned cars: 311

Coop Extension Service301-590-9638

County Council Office240-777-7900

County Humane Society301-279-1823

Second Chance Wildlife Center: 301-926-WILD

Deer Roadkill Removal: 311

Environmental Protection240-777-7770

Illegal Dumping240-777-3867

Md. Dept of Natural Resources1-877-620-8367

Noise Control: 240-777-7770

Noise Violation in Process: 301-279-8000

Recycling Information240-777-6400

Rustic Roads (maps and contacts)

Soil Conservation301-590-2853

Trash along State Roads: 301-948-2477

Voter Registration: 240-777-8519.